Removals (All hours)                                    087 357 7047

Driver on Call                                                082 416 0571

Grahamstown Office                                     087 357 7047

Port Alfred Office (Office hours)                  046 622 4655


Grahamstown Ambulance                10 177 / 046 622 9152

Grahamstown Police                                     046 603 9152


Port Alfred Ambulance                                  046 624 4240

Port Alfred Police                                          046 604 2001

Nemato Police046 624 1238


Important Numbers​


Any complaint in respect of the financial advice and/or intermediary services rendered can be forwarded to:


Megaphase Financial Services

PO Box 1769, Durbanville, 7550

Tel:      086 111 1892

Fax:      021 914 1343


African Unity Insurance Limited

PO Box 4061 Durbanville 7550

Tel:      086 123 4555

Fax:      086 123 4556


FAIS Ombudsman

PO Box 74571, Lynwood Ridge, 0040

Tel:      086 032 4766

Fax:      086 764 1422 



  1. Premiums are payable in advance before or on the 20thof every month. Premiums paid after the 20thare for the following month.
  2. Please use your policy number(s) as referencewhen depositing premiums directly into our bank account. 
  3. When arranging with your bank to pay your premium(s) with a scheduled payment, please use your policy number(s) as a reference.
  4. Before you sign the printed application form, please check it to verify that the correct information of your family members is listed on the form.
  5. You’ll be required to sign a new application form every time when there is a change in membership.
  6. Please familiarise yourself of the contents and meaning of the summary of the terms and conditions as it appears on the flipside of the participation certificate.
  7. Please verify that you receive a confirmation SMS after every payment, especially if you send someone else to do the payment on your behalf.
  8. Please notify our offices of any changes in your address and contact details, especially your cell phone number. Since SMS messages are used to confirm payments and communication with members, it is important that we have a valid cell phone number for the main member or the premium payer.


Removal Procedure​


Hospital Removals


Take deceased’s ID to hospital.

Sign release form at Siyakubonga offices to authorise removal.

Siyakubonga will take the release form to the hospital to do the removal and collect the BI-1663 form.

House Removals


Phone ambulance to certify death.

Phone police to confirm natural death.


Have deceased ID available.

Phone Siyakubonga to do the removal on 087 357 7047 (All hours)

Hand over deceased’s ID and Clinic Book to Siyakubonga driver.




To register a claim the following documents need to be submitted to either of Siyakubonga’s offices:


  1. Identity document (ID) of the main member
  2. Identity document (ID) of the deceased or birth certificate if the deceased is a child
  3. Identity document (ID) of the beneficiary
  4. Identity document (ID) of the premium payer
  5. Death Certificate
  6. BI 1663 Form
  7. Membership book.


In addition, the underwriter may request following documents in the case of:


  • A spouse: Certified copy of marriage/registration certificate or sworn affidavit that the principal member is married to the spouse or that the principal member has lived with his/her partner for at least 6 months.
  • A full time student: Confirmation letter from recognised educational institution.
  • A grandchild: Confirmation of legal adoption or child grant.
  • A disabled child: Confirmation of disability grant and a copy of medical report relating to disability.
  • A child with a surname that is different from that of the principal member or his/her spouse: an affidavit to explain the nature of the relationship to the principal member.
  • Stillborn child: certified copy of death certificate and the Notification/Register of Death/Still Birth (83/B1 - 1663) form, as well as a letter from the doctor/hospital in attendance, confirming the duration of the gestation period.

Funeral Arrangements


  1. Please visit our offices in Grahamstown or Port Alfred to make the arrangements for the funeral.
  2. Veronica Gqomo will assist with funeral arrangements in Grahamstown while Nandi Brikwa will assist in Port Alfred.
  3. For Siyakubonga members with Funeral or Combo Plans, the validity of the claim will need to be confirmed before you will be provided with a quotation for a funeral.
  4. Siyakubonga members who signed up for the Condolence Benefit will receive a R1000 condolence benefit immediately after the validity of a policy has been confirmed.
  5. To obtain a Death Certificate, a family member needs to accompany a Siyakubonga staff member to the Department of Home Affairs. The IDs of the deceased, the family member and the Siyakubonga staff member is required by the Department.


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